Rage of Bahamut

Found an awesome game - rage of Bahamut! And it seems I can invite friends and let them have some bonus for using my code (and I get a bonus too), so here you are people: mzc07584.

Well, I now feel prepared for life.


National Food



Pastries (because of Hima’s posting during the Christmas bloodbath XD)


No National Food as to not dicriminate. Rather, have a list of things we don’t eat. Like people, animals that are considered pets, and F5 keys

Cup ramen


PB and J…

 Captalia is using Flying Mint Bunny? I didn’t know. b.t.w. Did you notice ANOTHER update on official site? Is Hima-san starting another event or what???


just figured I’d mention that republics/dominions/principalities/etc all have their own meanings, so peeps feel free to do research :D maybe even include something internets-related too /just being random today


Perhaps a name in latin meaning ‘place where people from all…

 I like the name suggested in previous post: The Peoples Republic of Hetalian Interest. Yes, Effivia is original - but would people get it?



Right now we’ve gotten some likes for 

United States of Hetalia ( +1)

Microtalia (+ 2)

Hetaland (+1) 

Effivia (+1)

We also have some new suggestions: 

The Peoples Republic of Hetalian Interest- by Decorde

Hugtalia- by Anonymous

 The Peoples Republic of Hetalian Interest - ok, officially this is (for me) the best one. I’m voting for this.

Name Ideas


Right now we have: 

Hetaland- by Nottambula

United States of Hetalia-

Republic of Hetalia-


Dominion of the Hetalia Community- by misuki-takashima

Hetalia World Dominion- by chibicoaster

Effivia- by Anonymous (Effivia as in F5. I think that’s clever. X3)

Thoughts everyone? Please keep bouncing off ideas and start thinking about the name you like best!

 Effivia is really original and clever, but I’m affraid not everyone would get it. Hetaland or Microtalia are also good names.